Terms & Policies of student counseling services

Program clarification to student counseling services provided by Human-Service:

Please, read the following information carefully about the services you are about to take part in.

We would like to draw to your attention that our service is not considered to be medical treatment or psychological consultation reimbursable by the Hungarian Social Security Service or other insurance providers. Furthermore our HUMAN-SERVICE does not provide treatment for those with 'serious' psychiatric, mental disorders. Such service can only be provided by state or privately licensed medical doctors and/or clinical psychologists in Hungary. Our service of mental health counseling and coaching (when needed) pre-screens individuals based on (the DSM-IV Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) and make referrals to local state-service providers in those cases when symptoms may suggest the need for psychiatric intervention. In the process we follow the ethical guidelines of APA (American Psychological Association.)

Office-hours (on-campus availability)and service details:

Students approaching the outsourced professional mental health counselor located on-campus in a designated room during office hours may request up to six single (one to one) counseling sessions for consultation during which time the student (henceforth referred to as MH client) with the help of trained professional may discuss issue(s) put forth by the MH client. If client wishes to continue counseling after the sixth session he/she may be referred to either to state-owned service provider or to state-licensed private clinician(s).

In the case of support group sessions when appropriate number of students sign up (minimum of 5; maximum of 8 students per group) for a topic-based flexibly structured series of meetings they are also allowed to attend 6 sessions to explore issues pertaining to the topic.

- Single (one to one) consultation consists of one 1 hour long session.
- Group consultations (with the maximum of 8 students/group) consist of a standard 90 minute long session.

Process of standard operation for individual counseling work include the following steps:

- Exploration of presenting concerns (intake interview)
- Pre-screening for psychological disorders (if needed)
- Making referrals to state operated medical facilities or state licensed private clinicians for further psychological treatment (if needed or requested.)
- Providing a safe and confidential settings to explore mental health educational topics or specific concerns presented by the MH client (if needed or requested.) These may include: - Life-style coaching (e.g.: “how to issues” - enhancing time-management and academic performance, - managing life and and stress levels, handle interpersonal conflicts and boundaries and college life etc.)
- General student support in relation to carrier, cultural issues and living in a foreign country
- Drug and alcohol (substance abuse) prevention consultation
- Guidance and direct counseling how to bring about changes (if needed)
- Dealing with learning difficulties
- Dealing with general mental health and wellness issues
- Exploration and assessment of internal resources to tackle inta/inter -personal issues.

Student/employee privacy rights:

Counseling is a confidential serivce. No audio-video recording can be made of any counseling and coaching sessions. No written accounts or personal data can be given out by the service provider to third party. All participants consent to terms and conditions/confidentiality policy upon entering service called Client's Informed Consent Statement & Confidentiality Policy. Head-count and anonymous basic statistical data may be collected by the service provider for quality and statistical purposes. In every higher educational institution where Human-Service is a service provider there is an appointed service contact (e.g.: Director of Academic Affairs) who is notified when emergency action must be taken in a crisis situation.

GDPR concerns
When making an appointment online using appointy.com, you can log on with your Facebook or Google account or directly to appointy to set an appointment. Online appointment is however, only a convinient feature, but you can choose to make an appointment in a traditional way such as via phone, e-mail, or in person during office hours. Feel free to read terms & conditions of appointy.com if using their service by clicking here.

We would like to ensure you, that during the entire process of counseling all personal information heard/given by you to Human-Service Student Counseling Services is handled confidentially and no personal data is given out to third party. At any time you can request to have your personal data to be deleted, if so, please send us an e-mail to mch@human-service.hu with such request and all information will be deleted within 24 hours.

Service policy regarding termination of counseling and coaching work:

Counseling may be terminated,
- if in the opinion of the counselor and client agree that goals have been reached during anytime within the given 6 occasions.
- if counselor and client agree that an impasse has been reached.
- if it is deemed in the client's best interest to be referred to an external consultation with a psychiatric agency.
- when a client fails to show up to his/her appointment twice in a row.
- whenever a client does not wish to schedule a new appointment.

GDPR University approved information & attachments:

  • General information about student counseling services (HUN)
  • Consent form (HUN)